Friday, April 29, 2011

Death By Peeps

My Peeps Have Done Me In!

Oh Man!

What is Life Coming To, When You Can't Trust Your Peeps?

I don't mean peeps as in Crew or in Mob or Fans or Friends.  I mean Peeps as in Chicks... Hot, Delicious Easter Chicks.

My all time favorite were the Peeps that used to be done by a local chocolate shop who enrobed home-made Marshmallow with all the love and passion that chocolate can give.  We used to order boxes of these devils, gorge ourselves early and often on peeps before Easter and finish with a peep orgy on Easter.   There is absolutely nothing like fresh home made marshmallow.  I'd never suffer from anything more than a mild tummy ache from overindulgence from these peeps.Pink Marshmallow PeepsImage via Wikipedia

Unfortunately, cost cutting and frugality has come home to my local shop.  They have stopped making their own peeps from scratch (or getting them from someone who did) and bought storebought colored peeps and dunked them in chocolate.  Not the same at all.  Not fresh and delightful.  I am not buying those peeps again.

So, my husband went out and bought regular old peeps at the grocery store  and I had my peep festival anyhow.  Not the same.  My tummy has really hurt and I am quite itchy.  Also, I feel a lot more spacy over the past week and I think it has something to do with the peeps and the chemicals in the peeps.

Next year, I'll stay away from peeps unless I get excited enough to make my own.

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