Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ms. Snuffalafugas

I'm going back to being Snuffy, aka Ms. Snuffalafugas, as I start tickling my olfactory neurons in my nose.

In addition to prescribing me alpha lipoic acid, Dr. Doty has told me to start sniffing different scents.  So I am adding some morning snorts to my daily post surgical nasal routine of Sudi-Med "nasal lavage" and snorting Bupedisone.

I have a little aromatherapy pot that I have put some scents in.   Also, I am snorting my little jars of scent. Yesterday, I used lavender oil grown by Carousel Farms near my house.  Carousel Farms is going to be blooming in June and is a lovely place filled with lavender fields and lamas.

Today, I am using spearmint oil. 

I think I will try smelling one smell 4 x a week, a second smell 2x a week and a third smell 1 x a week.  I will rotate through the fragance wheel.  Like the color wheel, fragrances can be arranged in a wheel showing complementary and analogous fragrances. This wheel is used by perfumers in developing fragrances.  I am looking at how perfumers and chefs develop their noses and seeing if there are any of these techniques that I can use for myself as there are no established medical protocols  to enhance smell.

All I can say is this is a strange journey.

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