Monday, April 25, 2011

My Very Own Project Runway

Necklace made from crochet lace, pearls, and s...Image via WikipediaI just realized another upside to all the therapy that I have been doing.   I can put on jewelry now mostly all by my self. 

This is a good thing as I have inherited my MIL's costume jewelry and a Chico's gift card.  So, I have been mixing and matching outfits and pairing various combinations of necklaces, earings and bracelets.  It's a bit of a trick to figure out how a 90 year old's taste in jewelry works in modern life.   One good thing is that antique jewelry is coming back in style.  The "heirloom look" as a key trend from Spring 2011's Fashion Week.  Only, it's not called "heirloom look' but eco-chic, greening up your style, or recycled jewelry.   In fashion, what's old is new is old until it's new again.

Also, I did get MIL to go to Chico's to update her style which she did enjoy tremendously.  She picked up a few snazzy pieces of  jewelry.  So I have a wide assortment of bling to fling on  myself.

Before therapy, I often had to have hubby's help in taking on or off a necklace.  Or, I  rotated a clasp around to the front so I could see what I was doing.  It was a trick to figure out how to read a mirror image backwards as I fumbled with opening a clasp or unhooking a fish hook earring.  Now I can manage putting on my bling just by touch.

Good thing as I have been taking on and off jewelry and mixing and matching like mad.  Kind of like reliving age 13 or 14.  Only this time I can really manage all by myself.

Wait till I hit make up!  Then you will really know that I have been reliving my tweens and teens.

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