Monday, April 25, 2011

Vision Therapy and Performance IQ

I am wondering what the impact of vision therapy might have on Performance IQ.  Performance IQ is a measure of non-verbal intelligence.  It is composed of  six tests and it also provided two subindexes; perceptual organization and processing speed.

The Perceptual organization index included:
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale subscores an...Image via WikipediaThe Processing speed index included:

On the LdOnline Message board, Mothers of children with non-verbal learning disability are wondering the same thing.   A quick glance at PubMed and Medscape shows no study out there showing any relationship between vision therapy and IQ.

However, I can't help but think that improved vision can't help but improve performance IQ.  After vision therapy, I am a lot more confident with many tasks involving vision.  I really felt a lot more confident with attempting things like painting that I never would have tried prior to vision therapy.

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