Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stuff is Poppin' Out All Over

Well, 5 days after my last vision therapy appointment and the world is poppin' out all over.  I see trees and buildings "Popped Out" .... as in, I am no longer living in flat land.  This is really great news as my vision has expanded to way beyond stuff just poppin out at me.  My field of view is much greater and I can see further down the road. My peripheral vision is also a lot better too.

So, I have been gawking all over the place.  Took a walk around Newtown and Doylestown just to admire the sites.

My sense of smell is also improving.  So, I can smell a lot of the flowers around us... also, that "green" scent of plants.  When I walk in an independent book store, I can smell the resiny smell of book glue and book binding.  As I walk by a handcrafted furniture store, the scent of wood varnish wafts out the door.

I feel like I am stepping into the world.  That I am part of a greater, living,  whole.

It's pretty neat. 

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