Monday, May 23, 2011

Usagi and Non Verbal Learning Disorder

Found an interesting little discussion about Usagi from the Japanese Anime, Sailor Moon and a layman's diagnosis of Non Verbal Learning Disorder The cover of the first volume of Sailor Moon a...Image via Wikipedia

With fine motor skills, Usagi has a lot of difficulty doing arts and crafts and making things, the bunny she made for Chibi-Usa, making the promise ring bracelet, Usagi also drops and spills objects often and has messy drawing, Usagi spilled Mamoru’s treat and often spills things.

With gross motor skills, Usagi has balance problems and trips and falls a lot, Usagi had difficulty ice skating and often trips.

With visual-spatial skills, Usagi often bumps into people and things, gets lost and has a poor sense of direction, stated in episode 50, trips over things, has difficulty with hand eye coordination (episode 50) and has difficulty with visual motor coordination and is seen at klutzy.

With executive function, Usagi is often late and forgets things, dropping the moon wand and things like that.

With emotional maturity, Usagi often acts younger than her age.

With social skills, Usagi often says random things that others find strange, confusing or obvious and can act silly and often says and does things that are not appropriate to the situation.

Usagi is naïve and trusting and has a good heart.

Usagi also often daydreams and has organization troubles.

The writer continues to discuss her feelings about Non-Verbal Learning disorder  (NLD) as it applies to herself.  However, other people chime in and point out the difficulty of diagnosing NLD as a non professional.
Usagi from Sailor Moon

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