Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back to Interactive Metronome

Sorry, I haven't posted.  Went to high school reunion and then off to the relatives.  Also, have been doing some home projects relating to organizing!  Never mind packing and unpacking for the weekends.

I have gone back to A Total Approach for another round of Interactive Metronome (IM).   The folks are doing well there since my last visit.  My therapist for Balametrics has lost a lot of weight, had a second child and looks a lot sharper than she did before.  I am back to working with Ann and we are getting my scores back down. 

I did my initial assessment two weeks ago but had to stop due to poison ivy.  My initial assessment scores for this round of IM showed some regression.  However, I did much better on my return.  We think this improvement was due to the poison ivy drying up.  I had a terrible case and was doing IM with gloves on so I wouldn't ooze urushiol (urushiol is what causes the itching) from the poison ivy all over the equipment.  Since my doctor gave me a mega dose of prednisone, I had to stop IM as the prednisone affects the balance and you need to be steady to do IM.    During the assessment, I think I was subconsciously distracted by all the itching.  In fact, Ann had offered me an special balance platform to help with my balance during the assessment as I was not completely steady on me feet.  So, note to any parents reading this:  if your kid has taken a roll through the ivy, you may want to back off on therapy. 
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Well, I am back on the stick with IM and have been doing toe tapping and hand clapping and right hand/left toe tapping.  I seem to get much better as the sequences get longer... I get into the groove. 

I notice that my brain drifts as I do IM.  Sometimes I am one with the beat and other times, I am not.  I am trying to note drifts in attention to see where they are going.  Some drifts are on errands... where the thought comes in, like Oh, I need to run this errand... other thoughts are coming in that have to do with daydreams involving getting other people's approval successfully.  I don't stay stuck on the thought and as soon as I am aware of it, I jog myself to go back to paying attention to the beat.  But, it seems like I am one with the beat for a while and then I am not.  But, I think I would do better if I were more focused...but I suppose maybe that's the nature of ADHD

Another thing, Ann has noticed with other people is that folks tend to get very excited when they realize that they are on the beat and then lose focus.  I know the feeling.  It's like hurrah.  I AM DOING IT! Then, Ooops, now I am not. 

I will be doing IM for the next two weeks.
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