Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gluten Free Italian, Two Martinis and Seeing in 3D

Does Drinking  Improve Stereovision?

Since my husband had a professional exam to take-- you know, one of those long drawn out all-day affairs, we booked a room for the night in Philadelphia Mariott right on the Avenue of the Arts.

We walked around South Philly near the Graduate Hospital and found an Italian restaurant with gluten free pasta!  Like all true Italian restaurants in Philly, nothing that is not tasty is served.  So even though it was gluten free, Giorgios had a great duck confit sauce and reasonably tasty gluten free noodles.

In a previous post, I had noticed that I could tolerate Italian pasta and breads better than regular American ones.  I mentioned this to the owner and he told me that Italy imports flour from the US but cuts it with semolina.  He has a relative who owns a bakery in Rome and he went back behind the scenes to check out the flour.  It was American flour.  Apparently,  all the bakers in Italy use American flour. They just mix it with semolina.  That's why it has a lower gluten content.

Philadelphia City Hall at duskImage via WikipediaWe also went out and had a drink and listened to some jazz.  On the way back, I noticed more of the city had "popped out" and I was seeing even more dimensionality.  Walking back to our hotel, we crossed Broad Street and I looked up and started to see the relief around the columns and many statues of the Philadelphia City Hall for the first time.

The next day, I met an acquaintance and we went out for dim sum in Chinatown and then had a nice coffee and pomegranate bubble tea in a Taiwanese coffee shop.   Then we walked over to her place in South Philly and chilled out.  As we were walking about,  I really felt that I was moving in space and could sense the vibrancy of the city.   Philly is an emotional in-your-face city with a warmth of neighborhoods.  As we walked through the area around Graduate Hospital, I could feel the hipness of the restaurant scene there giving way to the staid rowhouses near the Italian Market.

Met up with hubby after his exam and we went out to eat.  We went to Babuzzo's which serves small tasting plates.  He had a meatball plate and  I had a calmari, octopus and pork cheeks.  They were really good.  I also had a cucumber martini which was really refreshing and a kir and champagne after drink.

I think the alcohol really relaxed my eyes because even more of the city seemed to stand out.  We walked back to the Market East station for the train back to Yardley.   The signage in the station was floating --as was I.  We got on our train and I just gazed at the city as we headed north.   I am getting a better sense of orientation as well as seeing in 3D.

I wonder if vision therapists should suggest an occasional 2 martini dinner... you know, a little adjunct therapy!

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