Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interactive Metronome: Round 2 First Week

Well, just did my first week of Interactive Metronome (IM).  My hand clapping has gotten better and I am now down to 30 milliseconds.  Toe Tapping with both feet is around 80 milliseconds and both heels are about there. The same with my one hand and opposite foot.  My tapping while standing on one foot is all over the place. 

I noticed that it was easy for me to have my attention drift periodically while doing IM.   Some of it is emotionally neutral and mundane like don't forget to run an errand.  Some of it, however, is a bit upsetting and I relive old emotions or fantasies that relate to old memories.  Had a session of EMDR with ocean waves and sea bird noises piped into alternating ears. and it literally zipped out those bad memories and I found I could concentrate.  

Went back to IM and noticed some scores are better and some are a bit all over the place... But the memories are gone.
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