Thursday, June 2, 2011

Itchy, Itchy, Itchy: Poison Ivy and GFCF

I've got the  itchi's all right.  I've got a good case of Poison Ivy all over me.  It has even got on my face and I have two red spots on my eyelids.  I better stay righteous on my diet and stay away from gluten and casein (dairy) or else I will have a real itch fest.

Poison IvyImage by wallygrom (very busy at work) via Flickr
I'm also going to put a patch on my eye so I don't spread it into my eye.  Hope this all clears up by next weekend when I have my high school reunion.

I went out and got Calamine lotion and Fells Naptha Soap.  Fells is really good about clearing up Poison Ivy.  However, I notice my grocery store and a number of pharmacies don't carry it.  They carry some $40 lotion.  Fells goes for $1.97.  I finally found it at ACE hardware.   Well, you can get it on Amazon for $3.25.