Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Drowning in My Own Nose

heck yea i do the neti potImage by * debris * via FlickrI've been faithfully stuffing my medicine (bupedisone) up my schnozz and scrubbing it clean.  However, I have to give my nose some down time after I play with it or else my nose runs a lot.  If my Gentle Readers remember, I am crawling on all fours each night, putting my head on the ground and snorting bupedisone.  I am also doing a nasal lavage and washing my nose with sudimed and honking out the gunk.  Using the sudimed is kind of like using a neti pot.  However, I don't get the yoga cleansing technique of Jala Neti.  

There are other types of nose scrubbing associated with yoga.  I don't think I am up for trying them and I'm not entirely sure about the efficacy or safety of things  like Dugdha Neti ( Neti with Milk) or Sutra Neti( Nasal Cleansing Using a Cord).  Other yoga techniques  "Seethkrama Kapalaneti") involve taking  saline solution into the mouth and, leaning forward, force it out of the nostrils.

I had quite an episode the other night.  I did my evening routine and snorted and honked.  I had thought I was quite thorough and laid down to go to sleep.  I turned to grab a cuddle out of my husband and I thought the oceans had sloshed out of their seabed.  Somewhere up in the ethnoid or frontal sinus, there was some left over liquid so that each time I turned my head, my sinuses sloshed.  Honestly, it was like having ocean tides in my sinuses!  There was an ebb and flow as if there was some sort of  moon beckoning the nasal tides. 

Then I started honking and snorting up such a fierce storm that my poor husband was kept awake past midnight.  We both started giggling so hard and howling each time I went into my honk fest.  Finally,
I evacuated to the guest bed to carry on.   My poor husband.  I think he married a goose.  

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