Monday, July 11, 2011

Focus! FOCUS!!!

We often go wandering around the next town over from us called New Hope, an artsy fartsy community and paid homage to our favorite store, Topeo.  Topeo is a gallery of fine American Arts and Glass Art.  It is truly an AMAZING place.  However, Topeo is more than a store and is really a fantasy land in glass.  Please go to the gallery on the website to see pictures of the wonderland.  

It is even more interesting now that my eye sight is improving and I could see a lot more of the curvature of the glass and see the various objet d'art pop out at me.  I also just had my first 3D moment with a person.  There is a very pretty salesgirl and all of a sudden her head popped out as all the glass was popping out at me.    Needless to say, this was all very jarring.  I mean, it was really cool. But kind of bothersome at the same time. 

Of course, this all happens as she is talking to me and I am supposed to be looking somewhat normal having an everyday conversation.  Part of me was just having my eyes dart all over the place.   I'm revelling in the new sensation even as I am a bit discombobulated.   And then another part of me is like Focus! FOCUS!  FOCUS!!!!!  Look at her Eyes and PAY ATTENTION!!!  She doesn't know what is going on and you are going to make her feel uncomfortable.  So, I got my eyes off the glass and her head and put them gently on her eyes and we continued our conversation.