Sunday, July 24, 2011

Getting an Organizer On Board

Hercules                                  Hercules
Space, the final frontier
These are our voyages
To Boldly go Where No One in Their Right Mind Has Gone Before.

Hubby and I have decided that we've had it with parts of our house which never seem to stay organized.  The Fifteen Minute Fling where we run around like mad for 15 minutes hurling stuff around is great for shoveling back  the tide.  However, it seems like it is an epic battle of Sysyphean proportions.  We get the house in order and the great stone of an ordered house rolls back down to the bottom of the hill crushing us under its weight. We Fling it back and the House Rolls Down Hill Again. Up/Down, Up/Down. 

Hubby grew up in a very organized house.  His mother was a veritable Martha Stewart, wise in the ways of the home.  Her home was immaculate and well ordered.  Unfortunately, he did not acquire his mother's habits.

I did not grow up in an organized home.  My mother was not Martha Stewart.  Somehow I always knew  that a home was not supposed to be run this way; roommates confirmed this.

Statue of Lord Shiva in Delhi                     Shiva Image via Wikipedia Well, I have decided to end the Eternal Cycle of Order and Disintegration -- there's a cosmic Hindu tale(think Shiva)--and have begun to plot the Herculean labor of cleaning the Aegean stables.   

 After a few arguments and a series of discussions of how the home is to be ordered and gaining some ground  and then losing some ground in pushing the household boulder up the hill, I decided to go for a home reincarnation and get an organizer to help appease the household gods and get the home organized.

We met our home organizer on Saturday and had the great walk through of the home.  We deliberately did not clean up for two reasons:  1) it is too hot.  We have had temperatures near 100 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) and 2) there is no sense in misleading someone.  She needs to know the downside of our rather unsustainable efforts. 

Contrary to the task of Hercules, we are not going to have to clean it in a day.  But instead, we will space it out over a series of weekends starting in September.

The point is that we are not going to just clean the house but institute a system that we can adhere to.  Something simple as we can't cope with too much and we just don't want to do housework.  There.  I've said it.  We just don't like doing it. 

Social Media Time ManagementImage by Claudio Vaccaro via FlickrI think having an organized house and a system to keep it that way will help with Time Management.  Chores take longer when you don't know where things are.  We seem to waste alot of time on fumbling around just trying to start the matter at hand.  I have been thinking about executive function and no executive functions in disorder.  But, where to start: Time vs Space.  Eternal philosophical questions, eh?  I have done a little bit of Time Management with an iPhone.  So, now, I will choose Space, the final frontier.
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