Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Saying GoodBye to Flat Land

As my vision improves and I gain more depth perception, I am leaving a world that is defined by shapes and entering a world that is defined by mass and space.  It is an interesting adventure.  I always thought that I would be completely happy to leave Flat Land but now I am having some second thoughts.  Not that I am going to give up the quest for 3D vision and depth perception but I do have a sense that there haven't been advantages to living in Flat Land.  Unfortunately, I haven't taken advantage of them or realized that they could be advantageous.

A cyclops with a gunImage by quinn.anya via FlickrFor one thing, if you have monocular vision , you can see shapes quite nicely and, in fact, better than the average person.  Flat Land is Shape Land, where the world presents itself as a collection of shapes.  If you see the world as a collection of shapes, you are supposed to be able to be a superior draftsman.  Alack and Alas! I don't have the motor skills to capitalize on this skill. So I have carried these images around in my head and have never put them down on paper.

Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her SonImage via WikipediaI  see the world as a collection of shapes and am starting to breakdown the world visually in a manner similar to Impressionist painters like Monet.  Monet captured the world visually by breaking down objects into little daubs of colored paint.  In her book, Pilgrim at Tinkers Creek, Anne Dillard talks about breaking down a peach into shapes of color.  This is the world that I am leaving.  It is a world whose advantages that I never truly understood.  This world has caused me a fair amount of grief in regards to being able to organize my hand eye coordination to manipulate objects around me.   So I don't regret the therapy that I have been doing.

But, I do feel bad that I am losing a unique ability to see the world in a different way and to appreciate certain aspects of color vision.  On the other hand, I am gaining an ability to see more color because I can see objects more clearly.  So, go figure.
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