Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update on My Hearing

I've been noticing a number of things going on with my hearing that I thought I'd like to share.

Prior to this last round of Interactive Metronome (IM), I have noticed that I have been having problems hearing consonants.  When I did my last bit of Brain Fitness, I noticed that I could not detect many of the swoops in the 500 Hz range as the program progressed.  I could do fine on the early round of 500 Hz swoops but on the later round of 500 Hz swoops, I couldn't hear the swoops at all.  500 Hz is very important as it is the range for many consonants.  When you can't hear the swoops, you can't hear the articulations that distinguish between say dah and gah.  I just don't always hear consonants correctly.

When I went to my high school reunion, I had a funny misunderstanding with some one.  She was saying that she worked for the Royal Bank.  To my ears, it sounded like the World Bank where I had worked many years ago.  So I started chatting on about the World Bank and she was chatting about her experiences at the Royal Bank and we were happily misunderstanding each other until I realized that she was talking about a Bank in New York City and I was talking about a Bank in DC.  Whoops.

On the other hand, after this round of Interactive Metronome, when we went to a wedding reception, I found I could hear a lot better in noise.  It was a very noisy Indian wedding with lots of really Bhangra music.  Previously,  I would be asking people to repeat themselves a lot in such a noisy environment.   This time, I only had to ask once during the whole evening.

Also, I think my sensory processing has gotten much better.  Before IM, I would have wanted to leave the party early.  In the past, processing too much noise has overwhelmed me.   I think bhangra music would have just exhausted me. 

Dancing to the music at the wedding was a lot of fun.  I think I kept time pretty well with the Western Beat but at times, the Bhangra beat was hard to follow.  Bhangra has a lively rhythm for example, One. One. One. Ah-ha. One. One. One. One. One. One. Ah-ha. Ah-ha. One. The groom started to dance with me and wanted to clap and slap my hands to the beat.  I couldn't get the motion together so we just stuck to slapping hands.  Even that got messy at times. 

So, the beat goes on.  I'll keep you posted.

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