Monday, July 18, 2011

Vision Therapy and the Budweiser Dog

I wasn't sure how to use the Variable Tranaglyph kit for home therapy so I made an appointment with my vision therapist to go over things.  She ran a little baseline test with HTS software to see how I am doing.  This test is being projected on the wall from the computer so that it is closer to real space as opposed to the normal use of a computer screen.   I am doing so-so with Base-In:  14 correct and 12 wrong. Some of this is to be expected as I am focusing on a wall at a distance.  When you are focusing on a wall, your eyes will want to diverge as opposed to converging.
 Spuds MacKenzie in an adImage via Wikipedia
However, I am doing great with Base-Out:  60 correct with 3 errors. I am Spuds MacKenzie, the Budweiser Dog.  You know, the bull terrier with the big nose and the eyes on each side of its head.  

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