Friday, August 5, 2011

Flogging away on Tranaglypghs

I am flogging away on vision therapy exercises and have got a bit more of a bump with gaining 3D vision.  Recently, I have been doing more exercises in real space and have been using the Variable Tranaglyphs (BC/520 model from Bernell) to work on stereopsis and fusion. 

I have been using model C with the X, square and circle.  You align the red and green circles and then push the green circle along a track either right or left.  I am doing just fine sliding my green circle to the left making my eyes converge.  However, sliding the green circle to the right making my eyes diverge is problematic.  When I started, I wasn't doing so hot.  Now I am up to Number 20 out of a possible 30.

This exercise does make my eyes hurt a bit and really tires me out.  I tend to do it later in the evening around bed time.  Otherwise, I end up spending the day as a couch potato. 

I have noticed somethings are different in real space (aka the real world).  I had a visit with a hand therapist and I just started noticing her head was popping out from the wall behind her.  Some of the things around my house are starting to pop out.  There is an oak tree in my backyard that is separating itself from the pine tree behind it.  

However, this isn't happening consistently and seems to happen either when I consciously focus on an object or periodically when I am least aware of things.  

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