Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hand Therapy Assessment

Little girl drawing with a blue pencil.Image via WikipediaWent to a hand therapist for an assessment.  I went through my well practised saga and litany of dysfunction and therapy.    My hand function is basically OK but we had some interesting things pop up during the evaluation.

Janice stroked my fingers with a hair as I kept my eyes closed.  I had a very tingling sensation afterwards.  She was thinking it had something to do with my sensory integration problems and thought that I was hypersensitive.  I said no... I score myself as low registration or sensory seeking on the SIPT.    We also talked about me having a very tight grip and finding it very tiring to hold a pencil and write or draw.  She wrapped a pencil with  a piece of rubber and put some velcro on it with the tiny hook portion facing outwards.  I found that immediately I gripped the pencil very loosely and naturally.  My death grip was relaxed.  I never liked drawing or coloring too much because it has always been very tiring.  Writing hand written reports has always been hard for me.  I think this will change things.

We also talked about my tendency to drift towards the right side of the page  while I am taking notes.  I start out on the left and I gradually indent and keep indenting until I am on the far right side of the page.  She thinks I may have some visual neglect going on.  I usually score OK with drawing pictures of clocks in one standard measure of visual neglect.  So we shall see.
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