Monday, August 8, 2011

I am Just Too Effn' Weird!

LaundryImage by KellyK via Flickr That's All There Is Too, It.  I have just weirded myself out.  Just been a little too strange, even for me.

I am sitting on the recliner in my bedroom and tooling around on the freeways of the Internet when I look up.   Suddenly, my unmade bed has become mountains and valleys, fissures and clefts of blanket and sheet.  I clearly see space between the mass of cloth and my bookcase.  The pile of loosely tossed and folded clothes has soft ridges and mountaintops ululating and undulating.  I am just stunned by the patterns of my disorder.   The picture to my right is a lot more orderly than my bed.

I called my hubby and shared my weirdness.  It's just too strange to be me.  Really, who gets fascinated by an unmade bed and an ungainly pile of laundry.

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