Friday, August 26, 2011

IBM Produces Working Prototypes Of A Brain On A Chip -- And Gets It To Play Pong | TPM Idea Lab

Brain on a Chip?  It's here already.  A lot of transhumanists have been proposing the idea of an augmented humanity, i.e. a melding of humans with electronic devices.
 Image representing IBM as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase
DARPA has already been looking at exoskeletons that people could strap on and easily pickup 100 lbs of weight or artificial limbs that allow runners to run at high speeds.

One of the more interesting thoughts is augmenting the brain.  There is a very interesting article about IBM producing a prototype of a brain on a chip that plays pong.  What is really interesting about this article is not that the fact that the chip can play pong but how the chip plays pong as  the chip can  adapt to types of information that it wasn't specifically programmed to expect unlike most current information processing architectures. This new architecture is a digital neuron and synapse. Each "core," or processing engine, has computing, communication and memory functions.   What makes these chips unique is that memory and the processor are very closely brought together. There's a massive, massive amount of parallelism.

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