Sunday, August 7, 2011

Velcroing Everything Into a Gentle Touch

drum stick and handImage via WikipediaHad a chat with Janice, the hand therapist, about my tendency to squeeze the bejeesus out of everything.  I am a Major CRUSHER!  Godzilla has nothing on me.

It's very tiring for me to do anything requiring sustained work with my hands.  I just clamp down on any tool that is placed within my grasp.  You name it, pencils, pens, tweezers, scissors, hand tools, pliers, hammers, musical instruments, etc.  I just squeeze the living daylights out of anything placed within my grasp.  After a while, my hands get tired and I don't want to do anything more with them.

Janice thinks that my problems with my grasp involve sensory feedback.  I am just not getting the feedback that I need so I am clamping down real hard.

So, she came up with a solution involving wrapping some foam rubber around a pencil and then wrapping the foam with the pins portion of velcro.  Instantly, my grasp was lightened and I could write a lot more with a gentle touch.  It felt a lot nicer and easier to write. The pin portion of the velcro is not pleasant to grab onto with a hard grasp.  So automatically, I ease up on my grasp.

So I am running around velcroing everything in site:  pencils, pens, scissors, violin, flute.  We'll see how this works out.
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