Friday, September 23, 2011

Assessment for Sensory Integration

snoezelruimte (room for controlled multisensor...Snozelriumte (room for controlled multisensory integration) Image via Wikipedia I just visited a new occupational therapist who specializes in sensory integration.  If you remember, my hand therapist thought that my problems coordinating my hands were more centered around motor planning than anything that traditional hand therapy could offer, so she gave me this referral.  

Well, we finally got together after a few misfires.  Between heavy rains and Hurricane Irene, she  had been flooded out a couple times both in the office and at home. 

We had a pleasant chat together.  She believes that maybe some of the differential scores in my neuropsych assessment could be due to physical problems, or I may have some aspects of Nonverbal Learning Disorder, or I may indeed have the full monty of the disorder.  As I had suspected, some of the PIQ portion of the assessment depends heavily on visual skills that I have been working in vision therapy.  On the other hand, I do have a lower score on facial recognition (although still within normal limits), so maybe there is something to the Nonverbal Learning Disorder. 

She will do a formal OT assessment next time we meet in November and that should shed some light on things.

She does think I do suffer from a certain amount of stress as my sensory integration problems have not been allowed for.  Working on sensory integration should be fun.

Who knows, maybe I will get my own Snozelriumte, room for multisensory integration!  

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