Saturday, September 3, 2011

Catching Up

Sorry I haven't posted all week but I have been utterly exhausted.  I thought we were going to just tuck ourselves in and ride out the hurricane but apparently there was more to it than we thought.  We weathered Hurricane Irene with no real damage to our house except a bit of water in the basement.  However, that entailed pushing around some of the junk in our basement and mopping.  Unfortunately, Hurricane Irene happened before the organizer came so we didn't have as neat a basement to work with.

Also, our county was on a tornado watch.  Since we were the next town over from the tornado watch, we thought it prudent to sleep in the living room.  The theory is that the lower to the earth that you are in a tornado, the safer you will be.  Since our basement was damp with water and is not a finished basement, we slept on the first floor.  So I didn't sleep properly on Saturday night. 

Sunday, we spent putting our house back in order.

Monday, I went off to my occupational therapists and began my 10 day course of Interactive Metronome.  I didn't do too well as I was still exhausted from the weekend and I was sharing my space with a child who was clapping very loudly and off the beat. It's really hard to keep to a beat of a cowbell when you have a bit of syncopation in the background.  I drove home and slept all day.

Tuesday, I went for another round of IM and was still off my kilter.  After IM, I drove to Amish country and went for a round of vision therapy.  I found out my diagnosis is now Intermittant Divergent Strabismus--- that is, my eyes point outwards occasionally.  It isn't cosmetic.  You can't see it but apparently they do point outwards.  I also have alternating suppression which means that my brain alternates between receiving visual input from first one eye, then both eyes, then the other eye.   The good doctor would also like to work on my convergence insufficiency as he thinks he can improve it.  We did a number of things together in real space.  I looked at a stereoscopic image projected on a screen about 10 feet away from me.  While I wore some strange glasses, I copied numbers that were behind these funny red and green strips.  Apparently, posture is very important.  I have had a habit of tilting my head to one side or another to compensate.  So, I have to work on keeping my posture straight, especially, my head.  I wore a series of prism glasses and did a block diagram while alternating my prisms very quickly.  I tapped with a stick at numbers on a wall to the beat of a metronome.  Thank God I've been doing all this clapping and tapping at Occupational Therapy with the Interactive Metronome as I would have not been able to keep to the beat.  I drove home and went straight to bed.  I was exhausted as I had driven 3 hours from place to place. 

Wednesday I had another round of IM that didn't go so well as I was still tired from the past two days.

Thursday, I took a break and slept in all morning.  I had a meeting with a church group that I am involved in.   Went shopping for some clothes for hubby and took a nap and met hubby later that day for tea. 

Friday, I had another round of IM and did much better as I wasn't so tired and I did not have a child in the room with me.  I  am beginning to notice something very interesting about IM.  As I am approaching getting and staying on the beat, I can feel a rhythmic sensation in my shoulders or pelvis depending on whether I am clapping with my hands or tapping with my toes.  It's a feeling of awareness in my body.   This is a very different feeling for me.  Usually during IM, I am trying to just concentrate on the cowbell.  But this time is different,  I am focused on the cowbell but aware of my body.   My scores are back where they were in my second round of IM with many scores in the 30s and 50s. 

Next week, I will have more to look forward to.   I will do more IM and vision therapy.  Friday, I will finish my phone assessment with an occupational therapist who specializes in sensory integration.  Saturday, the organizer will come.  She will start working with my husband on the office first and then move to looking at my stuff in the office and then hit other "hot spots" in the house.

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