Thursday, September 8, 2011

Collection of stories about life with a Nonverbal Learning Disorder

Interesting collection of stories about a nonverbal learning disorder  from a number of people.

My name is Robert. I’m 51, live in the Canadian province of Quebec, and was diagnosed as having a nonverbal learning disability when I was 42.

As a child and adolescent I was a loner because I didn’t have the strength, coordination and social skills to make many friends. I was picked on by other boys in primary school and at the beginning of high school. In high school I found a place for some of my skills in the Army Cadet Corps – I taught Morse code, was a member of the rifle team, and became an officer. It was an ordinary high school, not a military school.

I managed academically in high school, college, and graduate school as long as I was able to avoid math and physics. I could not totally avoid math in high school and I got my high school diploma despite failures in algebra and geometry. In college I failed statistics the first time I took it although I passed it the second time.

I hit my first real brick wall when I tried to work after finishing a Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling. I had no way of knowing that a helping profession is much more difficult for someone with NVLD because of the difficulty we have with affective communication (reading other people’s social cues correctly and communicating the right cues ourselves). For about 20 years I went from one job failure to another. The little self-esteem that I had was destroyed because of the humiliation of repeated failures. My marriage ended because, among other things, my ex wife could no longer live with a man who was so depressed and frustrated...

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