Monday, September 5, 2011

Discussion with Dale Brown: Susan Boyle’s Autobiography Discusses her Experience with Learning Disabilities.

Here's an article that describes a bit more of Susan Boyle's learning disabilities.

Her video inspired me for the same reasons it inspired almost all of the 300 million people who watched it. But I also saw a fellow adult with a learning disability. I saw her social awkwardness, her uncoordinated movement, and her inability to “get” the non-verbal signals of the judging panels. After she sang, she walked off the stage, not realizing that she was supposed to stay to hear from the judges. They had to call her back.Cover of Cover via Amazon

In her autobiography Susan Boyle: The Woman I was Born to Be; My Story, Boyle explains “…one day, we had to make the journey to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children so I could have something called an assessment.” 

“My ability to learn seemed to follow a different pattern from the other children,” she says. She learned to read, but had difficulty writing her letters. “It was as if there was a lack of coordination between my brain and the hand doing the writing, and that made me the slowest in the class. It took a long time before I could write properly. 

She says she took medication for her hyperactivity. And she described her social skills problems. “At playtime, I didn’t understand the hierarchies that operated in the playground. I was naturally outgoing and I didn’t know why some of the other children didn’t want to be my friend….If I was excited, I laughed a bit too noisily; if I was sad or angry, I was straight into tears or tantrum.”

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