Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Feldenkrais Session

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement(R) classImage by divamover via FlickrJust had my first Feldenkrais session.  It was very interesting.  Very subtle.

Fortunately, this therapist is in Doylestown which is an easy 40 minute drive from my house.  Instead of pounding Rte 95 or the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I am driving at an easy 40 mph through cornfields, farms, and woods.   No big trucks bearing down on my bumper.  No jockeying with  frazzled commuters.   Just a nice pleasant drive. 

My therapist lives in a beautiful home on a hill with exquisite landscaping and retained walls.  Its a very peaceful spot to come to. 

After I came in, we talked for a few minutes about my various problems with sensory integration, motor planning and assorted neuropsych problems.  Then, I stood up and she gently turned my head in a variety of directions.  She had me sit up and she moved my body in different directions.  Then, I laid down and she moved my arms and legs and feet.  All of this was done quietly and nonverbally. It is truly Awareness through Movement.

Afterwards, I didn't feel any real big improvement per se; just a pleasant sense of being wired in to my body and being aware of it. 
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