Friday, September 16, 2011

The Nine Types of Intelligence

Raven's Progressive Matrices ExampleImage via Wikipedia A paradigm shifter.  Howard Gardner has questioned the idea that intelligence is a single entity, that it results from a single factor, and that it can be measured simply via IQ tests. He has also challenged the cognitive development work of Piaget.  Bringing forward evidence to show that at any one time a child may be at very different stages for example, in number development and spatial/visual maturation, Howard Gardner has successfully undermined the idea that knowledge at any one particular developmental stage hangs together in a structured whole.

Gardner has come up with the idea that there are many different types of intelligence. Students possess different kinds of minds and therefore learn, remember, perform, and understand in different way.  Many gifted students show different forms of intelligence.

Gardner's Nine Types of Intelligence:

1. Naturalist Intelligence (“Nature Smart”)

2. Musical Intelligence (“Musical Smart”)

3. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Number/Reasoning Smart)

4. Existential Intelligence

5. Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart”)

6. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (“Body Smart”)

7. Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart)

8. Intra-personal Intelligence (Self Smart”)

9. Spatial Intelligence (“Picture Smart”)

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