Monday, September 12, 2011

The Organizer Cometh

 We just had our first day with the organizer, Audrey, and tackled the office.  It's mostly hubby's stuff that is wildly aflutter; although, truth be told, I have made my contribution, too.

We were very excited to have her in and we made great progress together.  It is nice to work with a professional as it makes the whole chore go by much faster. She can just look at things and know how to put them together in a workable way; whereas, left to our own devices, we spend way too much time pondering the whole nasty business.  Should this thing stay? Or should it leave?

Regardless, each time we have cleaned up a room, it has never stayed this way.  Hubby rejected the neat-nick teachings of his mother.  His mother was extremely orderly and set up the house in her way and hubby had to abide by his mother's wishes.  When he went out on his own, he rejected her teachings and became a gorilla in the mist of his own stuff.   Apparently, her system was not his system and he never thought to try to get his own system together.  

This time around, hubby will get a system:
  • For the Hubbie
  • With the Hubbie
  • and, By the Hubbie
that, hopefully will not perish from this earth!

On my side, it is easier to say what my parents were not:  They were not Mr. Handyman and Betty Crocker.   So, my excuse is that I was never brought up with good habits.  I have tried to ape the lifestyle of my neater roommates, but it never completely took.  Their ways were not quite mine.  I can get things in order but they just don't stay that way.  I am forever ebbing and flowing with the tide of stuff.

We've tried the 15 minute fling (15 solid minutes of hitting the house's hot spot on a regular basis) and that has helped tremendously.  Hubbie doesn't like housework and I don't like browbeating hubby into hours of beating the house into shape.  Hubby will tolerate short, well defined bursts of feverish activity.   However, the flings just mean that we are ebbing and flowing with the tide of stuff in a shorter and faster cycle.  I would like to stop my bipolar cleaning cycles.

So, thus the organizer.  After  four hours, we got half the office together.  She will come again next week and we will do the other half of the office.  We got rid of possibly 3 file cabinets worth of stuff. Got hubby's desk sorted.  Devised a mail system.  And hauled huge amounts of trash, recycling and donations.   We were both exhausted afterwards and took a nap.

This is all part of the great attack on executive dysfunction.  First, organizing space, i.e the house.  Then, organizing time.

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