Monday, September 26, 2011

Round Two With the Organizer

Wanda helping organize papersWanda Helping to Organize Papers Image by cseeman via Flickr Audrey came for her second visit.  We are still working on our office and did 8 hours of organizing and we still aren't finished yet!  We did get the major task done, which is starting up the organizational system for our papers and filing most of the papers away. 

Still not done yet with the office.  It will probably take another 4-8 hours to finish it.  Then a major portion of our lives will be organized and hopefully in a way that is truly sustainable.  Hubby and I are optimistic.   Using an organizer is great, Hubby and I tend to overcomplicate things.  Audrey simplifies things nicely.

Organizing is draining.  After 8 hours of shoveling paper around the room, we all were exhausted, including Audrey.  Hubby and I went out to dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant and went to bed right after. 

We slept soundly that night and lumped about on Sunday-- thoroughly drained.

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