Saturday, September 24, 2011

Update on Vision Therapy September 19

The two eyes converge on the object of attention.Image via WikipediaWent to Vision Therapy and we worked on more anti-suppression, eye tracking, binocular vision (3D vision), and hand-eye coordination.  

I put on my red and green glasses and copied numbers from one grid to another.

While walking to and from the tables, I put on prism glasses and matched cards of bugs and butterflies to those on a table.

I read lines of letters on four different red and green grids to the beat of a metronome.    After IM, I am really on the beat.   Ther therapist was impressed. 

Did the HTS vision program where I worked on base in and base out stereograms.  Base Out is phenomenally large.  Base In,  not so much.  I need to get my eyes pointing inwards in order to get binocular vision (3D vision).

Worked on some more stereograms  off the computer.

Worked on hand-eye coordination.  There was a board with letters aranged in a circle.  Each letter had a light on it.  My job was to hit the button when I saw the light.    I didn't do so well on this.  I was scanning the circle for the light so I was very slow.  I think I will try quickly  looking in one quadrant and letting my peripheral vision check that quadrant and then move on to the next quadrant.

My Amish buddy, Amanda was working on her Tanglyphs.  I know I will smoke them when it is my turn to do them.

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