Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vision therapy and PIQ

Interesting conversation on the effects of vision therapy and Performance IQ.  Total IQ is the measure of Verbal IQ + Performance IQ.

Some of the folks seemed to think vision therapy would help PIQ:

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The doctor said that it doesn't always happen and that is what I have read elsewhere. He said that with my son it would. He said my son was obviously very bright but he has extremely poor ocular muscles and he could really see them impeding his performance IQ. This doctor seemed to do many of the same tests done on the performance side of the IQ.
My son's performance IQ was a 90 despite being extremely verbally bright. When that IQ test was done it was the end of first grade and he could not draw a square.

Others seem to do quite fine with PIQ despite vision problems:
Interesting. My daughter's Perf. IQ was very high, yet she has visual processing problems and she gets 30/min OT at school 1x/wkly and private OT 1x/wkly. High performance, Low verbal. Yet has motor planning, & visual processing problems. Interesting theory.

Other people brought up the thought that speed might play a role in better scores.  Maybe vision therapy helps to improve speed.

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