Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another Vision Assessment

Another assessment for vision... not much progress.

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I really wasn't feeling my absolute spunkiness.  In fact, I thought about calling yesterday's appointment off; but I thought, "Nah... I will just drag myself through it.  My therapist is expecting me and I should be responsible and just go."  But I really didn't want to go at all.

While wearing some strange glasses, I played a game of matching the sides of the many different triangles in order to create a pattern out of nine squares.  I could get eight to line up but I didn't all nine.   If I were feeling more up for things I would have studied the cards more.    Note to self:  start figuring out visual logic and dependencies.

I played a game with one of my little vision therapies about matching triangles while wearing flippers to work the accomodative system.  She explained it to me.  We were to match the numbers on the triangles.  We matched the numbers for a while and then I had my appointment with the doctor.

I did the Wirth 4 dot test and didn't get too far with it.  Apparently, I am still suppressing. I got one card and then I couldn't get the other.  I did do the 3D clown.

Then I saw the doctor.  He took the pen light and moved it towards my eye.  Still one pen light.  Not two.   We aren't making too much progress. A little bit but not much.

Not sure what we are going to do next in terms of my vision.  I think we may use the prisms more to force the eyes together.  Also work harder on one of my home drills where I am using a mirror to trace a picture.  This should stop suppression.    I feel like the Horse in Animal Farm:  "I shall work harder".

Well, all is not bleak.  I did get some games to stimulate my visual system and hubby will like that.   These games are supposed to help some of the cognitive deficits on the non-verbal learning disorder assessment I did at Columbia.   Will blog about them later.

The Tibetan plateau lies between the Himalayan...
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I am on a plateau.  Feels like the largest plateau ever.  Could be the world's largest plateau, Tibet.  The Tibetan plateau is large enough to  reverse the Hadley cell convection cycles and to drive the monsoons of India towards the south.  I wonder what neuronal reversals my plateau is driving.

Visions about what my vision could be. 

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