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Black Friday or Cyber Monday Gifts for Various Learning Disabilities

Well, it's that time of year again that we hit the malls and go shopping.  For those of us who have a few little quirks, it's a good time to get gifts that help us in the upcoming year.

Helpful Gadgets

  1. Iphone  -- Can't recommend the iphone enough.  A vanilla iphone with no special apps can help with reminders for appointments, maps that keep you from getting lo
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    st, instant access to email.  When you start adding apps, you can go crazy helping yourself with ToDo lists, White Noise.   generators for tinnitus, relaxation apps, virtual helpers like Siri, vision games like Let's Tans, etc. Iphone Apps for Vision.  Iphone Apps for Organizing and Hearing
  2. Ipad -- ditto on iphone.  Plus it is bigger so it is much easier to manipulate.  Downside, it doesn't go with me everywhere; unlike the iphone.
  3. Behold the iPad in All Its Glory.
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  4. Sound Oasis -- Great for Tinnitus.  Generates a number of different sounds that mask tinnitus.  Nice soothing noises like rain, stream, summer night, white noise
Helpful Board Games
  1. Labyrinth -- Nice board game for visual planning skills.   Draw a treasure card, being sure not to show it to the other players. Use the extra maze card to shift the maze in any of the twelve directions allowed. Your goal is to create a path for your playing piece to reach the object on your treasure card. 
  2. Mastermind -- The game consists of multi-colored pegs and a board.  One person arranges several pegs(which are hidden from view) in any number of color schemes. The other player has several chances to guess the pattern by arranging the pegs in different orders until he guesses the correct scheme or runs out of chances .
  3. Connect 4 -- game in which the players first choose a color and then take turns dropping their colored discs from the top into a seven-column, six-row vertically-suspended grid.  
  4. Parquetry  --  creating and matching patterns and designs with these wooden geometric blocks.  More visual planning skills 
  5. Connect-four
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    Mastermind (board game)
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  6. GeoBlocks --  Great for investigating volume to surface area relationships, building structures, and doing shapes to net exercises.  Basic visual functions of scale, translation, and rotation.
Helpful Video and Computer Games and Programs 
  1. Wii  -- Wii Fit is very good for balance  (especially when using the balance board).  Wii Fit exercises mimic the movements of daily living that patients often need for strengthening, such as reaching, stretching, swinging the arm, holding a utensil, and balancing. For example, boxing builds hand strength so that you can use a fork and spoon again,
    Wyatt Wii-Fitting
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    or builds bilateral coordination with two hands and feet.  Wii Sports is very good for eye tracking while playing tennis, etc.  Yoga is good so that you can see where you are off balance.
  2. Dance, Dance, Revolution -- DDR, especially DDR2 is a nice low tech version of an interactive metronome.  While it is no substitute for IM training, it is a nice piece of adjunct therapy.  Getting yourself to tap to the beat in time to the music is huge in terms of motor planning and attention skills.  Add in getting your feet to learn new steps and respond gets more motor planning and coordination workout.  
  3. Posit Science Brain Fitness -- Great for Auditory Processing Skills, Wor
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    king Memory, Increasing Processing Speed.  Really helped with my hearing and executive function a lot.
  4. Interactive Metronome at Home (need a provider) -- I love IM.  IM has helped in so many ways:  coordination, attention, executive function, body awareness, etc.
  5. Captain's Log (need a provider) -- Works on attention, reasoning, memory, listening skills, impulse control, processing speed, etc.  

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