Sunday, November 27, 2011

Man Uses His Schizophrenia to Gather Clues for Daily Living -

Doctors generally consider the delusional beliefs of schizophrenia to be just that — delusional — and any attempt to indulge them to be an exercise in reckless collusion that could make matters worse. There is no point, they say, in trying to explain the psychological significance of someone’s belief that the C.I.A. is spying through the TV; it has no basis, other than psychosis.

Image by alandberning via Flickr

Yet people who have had such experiences often disagree, arguing that delusions have their origin not solely in the illness, but also in fears, longings and psychological wounds that, once understood, can help people sustain recovery after they receive treatment.

I found this thought to be quite applicable to a multitude of disorders more than just schizophrenia--- that understanding the core of one's illness can actually help you find a sustaining principle that will make you more resilient.