Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Organizing the Office

A desk in an office.
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My husband and I are plugging onward with the organization of the office.  I can't believe that it is taking so long; but it is like pulling on a string.  The more you pull, the more you get.   Although we are at the point where we are starting to drag other stuff from other parts of the house into the office where it belongs. 

Hubby's desk is not taking to the new regimen and it still piles up with junk.  In fact, he started working at my clean desk!  He has also started dispersing stuff from his desk onto the bed.  The organizer is looking at him wondering what the problem is!  I am staying out of it.  I am not a micromanager and I am content to let the details and the nuts and bolts of organizing be a matter between the two of them.  After all, it is her job to come up with a scheme that works for him.

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