Thursday, December 29, 2011

Assessment of First Round of Cellfield and Next Steps

Talked to Maude, my PT/OT,  the other day and we went over what we accomplished in Cellfield and we hatched some plans for next year.

Cellfield has really helped a lot with my vision.  I can see depth a lot better although I don't have a sense of space quite yet.   When I look at a forest, I can see rows of trees whereas before I would see some trees and then a grey-brown blur.  I see curbs on the road and sidewalks much better.  I have a much wider field of vision and can see more of the whole road.  My posture has changed and I don't have to hunch over a computer screen which is going to relieve a lot of my osteoarthritis in the neck.  

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Other things have changed as well.  I have also started to be more sensitive to textures and want to explore more texture.

I think my hearing has improved slightly as well.
I could hear more lyrics and music seems more vibrant. I  really enjoy music a lot so I upgraded my 1980's era stereo system so I could hear the music more.  I am also planning on tuning the system to get even more enjoyment out of it.

Previously I told Maude that I was having some problems hearing consonants.  Cellfield confirmed that I do have problems with some of the consonants that are located in the high frequency range.  While doing Cellfield,  I really tried to pay attention as the words were sounded.  Cellfield sounds out the
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words slowly so I have lots of time to guess.  I tried to rely more on perception rather than thinking about what that word would have to be and noticed I have problems with f and h and th.

Maude has found a program that works on consonants.  She would like to try it out on me on an experimental basis.   She doesn't like giving her clients programs without some evaluation so I will be a guinea pig.  I am going to go ahead and still get my hearing aide anyhow.  When I am tired or stressed, my hearing abilities are diminished.  This new program may work or it may not.  But, maybe all things considered, it's a good idea to cover my bets and have the hearing aide around at least some of the time.

After we work on hearing, we will go back to vision and do another round of Cellfield.  It is supposed to be more intense.  Oh Joy.  As if I didn't have enough fun knocking my little socks off the first round. But it does seem to help a lot.

Maude was quite pleased about my progress.

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