Monday, December 5, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened to Me On the Way to Therapy

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Last Thursday was the most discombobulated day that I have had in a long time.  I don't know whether the stars were misaligned or that I had played some sounds on my sound oasis that weren't right for me, or what.  But I was totally whacked out.

I had gotten a new sound oasis by accident.  I thought my old one had stopped working and so I ordered a new one on  I got the Sound Oasis 650 which has all kinds of neat sounds including brainwave entrainment.  Brainwave entrainment cause brainwave frequencies to fall into step with a periodic stimulus having a frequency corresponding to the intended brain-state.   The night before therapy,  I tried the Delta Voyage which  uses  DELTA frequency entrainment (.5, 1 and 2 hz) to adjust the delta waves from your brain to coax you into a restful sleep.  As far as sleep is concerned, it worked fine.  Both hubby and I slept really nicely.

However, the next day, I was all aflutter.  My executive function was just whacked and in a very similar fashion to what had happened with neurofeedback.  My sense of time scheduling was just not working.  I got up in the morning and started going about my morning routine to go down to A Total Approach.  I know what time I must cook my breakfast, get dressed, etc so that I get to my appointment on time.  I was up early enough and looked at the clock and noted the time and then frittered my time away.  Looked at the clock again, noted that it was 20 to the hour so that it was time for breakfast.  Ok. Frittered around some more.  And  then realized that it was 20 to 9 as in five minutes before I should leave the house.  Started thinking about leaving for therapy.  Then at 9:00, I said "Oh My God!  I am running way late!!!!"  Jammed some food into myself.  Threw my clothes on and jumped in my car.

Told Ann at therapy what had happened and she chalked it up to the stars being out of alignment.  She was feeling a bit whacked out today herself and noted that in the past few days alot of  her clients were off their game.   She was chalking it up to the changes in weather that we have been having from hot to cold to hot.   Never thought about weather and neurology connection.  Maybe there's something there.

Sat down and did my Cellfield therapy which merely involved staring at a computer screen.   Really noticed how bad my left eye is compared to my right eye.   I literally couldn't see one of the exercises.

 I decided to eat lunch close by and regain my strength for the day and then drive over to Leola for more vision therapy.

On the way to lunch, I saw a gas station. I noted that my  tank was on "E" and that I should gas up before Lunch.  Given my discombobulated state, I thought that there would be a high probability that I would do stupid things today and that I need to protect myself.  Having a full tank of gas would ensure that I would not be left by the highway.  So, I drove into the gas station to fill up.  I whipped out my card, swiped it, and was waiting for authorization, when, fortunately, someone yelled at me, "Hey Lady, you are filling your car up with Diesel!!!"  I looked at the pump and sure enough there was a bright green pump handle marked Diesel.    Well the gods were with me that day, for sure.  It would have been a real mess to get diesel in my gas tank.

After filling up my tank, I proceeded straight down the road to Harvest, a nice organic, locavore restaurant.  All I had to do was go straight and turn.  Well, I almost turned into the wrong driveway.  Got out of my car and got into the restaurant OK.  Managed to eat my lunch  without incident.  Left the restaurant and was getting in my car,  when the waitress came running after me.  Fortunately, I hadn't left without paying the bill but I had forgotten my coat.  Now, this was a brisk day.  You'd think I would have noticed that I had no coat immediately upon leaving the restaurant; but I just wasn't wired to think much.

Looked at the GPS and realized I was going to be late again.  I had looked at the map in  google maps on my iphone and it told me that it would take less time  than the GPS.  I really didn't have the mental capacity to figure out why the two weren't in sync at the moment so I stuck with using my GPS.   Later on, I looked up the difference between the two directions and it turns out that Google maps has a better route than GPS.  Oh Well.

Seriously doubted the wisdom of going on a long drive to vision therapy but I stuck it out anyhow.  I didn't turn on any music and just really concentrated on driving and listening for the GPS to tell me my directions.

Got to vision therapy in one piece.

In vision therapy, we worked a bit more on the accommodative system (the system that adjusts the focus in your eyes from near to far) and worked on games that are supposed to help higher order cognition.  I wore these funny lenses and worked on rotating shapes.  There were these funny shapes on a piece of paper and I was to reconstruct them with parquetry blocks and then rotate them 90 degrees.

I was really tired and those glasses were stressing me out so I didn't do so well.  Got one of the shapes. Cheated and got the second shape.  Messed up on the third shape. I had ended up dropping back and trying to do things piecemeal because I was too tired. One of the therapists picked up on this and remarked that I was not looking at the whole picture.  I joked that I was being punished because I had bragged to Dr. Seiderman that I could do these things things easily.

My old Gestalt problem:  part vs whole.  I am not really sure about this problem and it is a big deal in terms of determining whether I have a learning deficit or just a vision problem.  I would like to redo this exercises using anti-suppressing lenses and see if it is just a visual problem.   Or, whether, I do have an overall neurological problem with part vs whole.  Or, this problem flits in when I am too tired or stressed and am breaking things down into pieces because it is easier for me to deal with them.

I played a game of triangles with some other kids and I won.  Without cheating!

Stopped for a cup of coffee.  Pondered getting a hotel room for the night but figured I could make it home.  Got on the turnpike, drove home without incident.  Fortunately.  Crawled into bed and put my sound oasis on running water, put on Tibetan Bowl music and fell asleep.

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