Monday, December 12, 2011

I Got Some Binocular Vision Going!!!

Apologies to my Gentle Readers:  I haven't been posting this week because I have been very tired... Actually more than tired.  The word for it is overtaxed.  But I am seeing a certain amount in 3D!!!  Yippee!!!

I have been doing Cellfield and on Tuesday, I went to my regularly scheduled appointment and continued working with two eyes.  The week before I had blocked (occluded) each eye for 2 hours each and stared at a screen.  Boy, do I realize how much I was suppressing with my left eye!  This week, I am working with two eyes.

Cellfield has me listen to words said very slowly and then click on the word.  I am also realizing that I am having problems with f, h, and th.   Then I work on Pig Latin.  I am getting to be a master of pig Latin as the exercises are timed.  We do three to 7 word phrases of pig Latin.
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Also, I work on copying a matrix of black squares.  All of this is done with funny graphics that have these small circles in different colors in the background or wavy lines.   This process is patented and not well described in the literature.

I was pretty tired when I left A Total Approach.  Went out to my favorite locavore restaurant and had a nice organic meal of spare ribs and a beet salad.  Fell off the Gluten Free - Casein Free Wagon a bit and had cheese with the beets.

After lunch, I went to my new Occupational Therapist and had an interesting session that I will tell you about in a later post.

I was exhausted.  When I walked out of A Total Approach, it was like I had never seen the place before.   I was living in a new world of space.  There was space between the trees and the buildings.  There was space between my therapist's head and the wall.  All the world is very new to me.  I was very overwhelmed by the whole deal and was a bit rude to my waitress at Harvest and kept my head down and tried not to look at her.   I stared at my plate.  It was pretty comforting to me to keep my head down as I had reduced 3d vision (binocularity) for near objects.  So things close to me weren't popping out at me.

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On the drive to the Occupational Therapist (which fortunately was on the way home),  I really just focused on the road and didn't want to look around too much.  I just wanted to get to her office in one piece.  I didn't play any music in my car either.  After the appointment, I was so exhausted on the way home.  My eyes were hurting me.  I  felt so hot and dizzy that I almost pulled over on the Pennsylvania Turnpike for a rest.  But I was relatively close to home so I just white knuckled my way home.  I kept telling myself "Five More Minutes".   I got home, yanked my clothes off, put my nightgown on and crashed into bed.  I had a pounding headache and my eyes just hurt. I was very dizzy and nauseous and weak. I lay there for half hour and then finally told myself that if I got up and took some aspirin for my headache I would feel better.  I hauled myself up and got my aspirin and then plopped into my bed and just quivered for an hour before I fell asleep,

I had definitely waaaaayyy  overdone it.  I wasn't just tired this time.  I was overtaxed.  I decided from that point that I was just going to cut back on everything for the week except Cellfield.  Pushing yourself to this degree is just no good.

On a happier note, I can see a heck of a whole lot more.  Will be blogging about my new world anon.

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