Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Neurons that Fire Together, Wire Together"

Photograph of a stained neuron in a chicken embryo
Neuron Image via Wikipedia
and "Neurons that Fail to Sync, Fail to Link".

Brain imaging research shows that the rapid link into meaning, needs reading functions to be grouped closely together near the language centres, on the left side of the brain. Only this configuration can provide the high interconnectivity and processing speed needed. Brain imaging shows the reading impaired do not have such left brain neural grouping.

Cellfield creates this group configuration by means of a neuroscientific, brain plasticity based computer intervention. The multiple functions necessary for reading are provided as simultaneous tasks. This synchronises the firing of neurones between functions, which interconnect.

Target words from a four word choice, are presented with acoustic 'stretch', so that children with auditory processing problems have enough time to hear the target words with clarity. The degree of stretch is reduced in steps down to zero, allowing children to hear the words with clarity for the first time at normal speeds.

Visual processing problems are addressed by motion graphics, which move across the screen at all times. A complex combination of contrasting edges, changing motion, velocity, dimensions activates the 'seeing' part of the brain, wherever the child looks on screen.

By the halfway point of the intervention, the motion graphics become opaque, assuming the additional role of being moving masks. Hence the underlying tasks can only be performed by what is seen between the moving gaps.  From Cellfield

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