Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Now For Something Completely Different: Visit with Occupational Therapist

Yup.  This visit with the occupational therapist ended up as a line out of Monty Python:  "Now For Something Completely Different!"

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Sat down in  Wilma Dorfman's office and she thumbed through my thick file of doctors' reports.  Then she said,  "This doesn't tell the whole story" and in so many words, she asked, "What's right with you?". I told her that I am very good with patterns and trends in a variety of disciplines and gave her a few examples.  She asked how I came up with things and I said visually, auditory, and kinesthetically.  That the thoughts can come from different areas of my body.  I can get very excited about doing things and get into what Positive Psychologists call "flow", being fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity.  Sometimes, however, my cup can runneth over and there is a compulsive, driven feeling to it or I can get distracted and go off on a tangent and get nothing done.

 Also, that I have a good eye for design in that I have been complimented by somebody who works in couture.  I told her about my "rocket dress"!    Also, while on safari, I rummaged through the discount bin for African sculpture and the owner complimented me on my choices and told me I had an eye for artistic pieces.

Wilma noted that while the list of symptoms I gave her was quite detailed and specific, my description of what I am good at is global and operates in a high level of systems.  I have increased level of arousal that is sensory driven with multimodal sensory inputs, which can be "driven" or can operate in a state of flow.

So this is where we will start working.  I really would like to get my sensory integration problems together, and get some fine motor skills and go back to work.

So, her feeling is that I will come by once a week and we will do something together.  She asked how I feel about swimming and I said that I liked it.  She said that's good as she doesn't quite have the sensory integration equipment for adults and that the same sorts of things can be done in the swimming pool.  I told her that high intensity, high frequency therapies tend to work for me.  Wilma thinks that the same can be accomplished with real world activities such as horse back riding and roller skating for vestibular rehabilitation.

Wilma doesn't like to do a lot of exercises that have no meaning in the real world.  She thinks that we will do crafts together.  I am to make a list of presents that I will create and give to people.

Oh, the horror of it all!  I told my husband to come up with some idea of what he would actually like to have.  I have visions of chewing gum wrapper chains or macramed plastic lanyards and told him he was going to get one of these creations if he didn't come up with something. He hemmed and hawed and then thought of the possibility of being the proud owner of a 4H craft and that sparked some inspiration.  He said he would like a collage of our trip to Italy.

I have been sitting around thinking about other "presents" to give to other people. Wilma did say that she would make sure that they are presentable.

Actually, all kidding aside, I think that this is a brilliant idea.  Making things to give to other people involves real world skills and gets you to interact with others.  I will be less of a "patient" and more of a participant in the real world.

It will be nice not to have my tail kicked in therapy.  All my previous therapies have been nice and well worth getting my tail kicked.  But, it would nice not to come home and be so whipped.  It really can cut into your social life when you have no energy left for anything.  Sometimes I can bearly keep my house running.

So, onto something completely different.

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