Saturday, December 17, 2011

Occupational Therapy: Collages and Swings

Had another visit with my occupational therapist.  We started brain storming my collage for my husband. As I said last time, he had a choice of picking something or he would get stuck with some chewing gum wrapper art or a macramed  lanyard, so he chose collage of our trip to Italy.

We were brainstorming other gifts for other people. I will do a brush painting, something to do with rabbits, some paper bead jewelry among other things.  

We worked on a little needlework today as well.  I started working with a very large needle with a very large eye.  Just trying to keep my threads nice and even.  I explained about some of my problems with embroidery where I was pulling way too hard on my threads.  Wilma told me to bring it in and she would take a look at it.  

We also did some eye tracking and vestibular rehab.  She had me throw different size and weight bean bags into a barrel.  It was a little hard to judge how hard to throw the bean bag because
bean bags 016
Image by roger_mommaerts via Flickr
we were switching bean bags around so I couldn't rely on the previous toss to readjust my effort.  Also, I had to sit cross-legged on a  rectangular swing and toss my bean bags into a barrel.  No easy feat.

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