Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Office is Finally Organized!

Hallellujah!!!!   I feel like breaking out a New Orleans string band and strutting my stuff.  Our Office is finally organized.  We are through with it.

NEW ORLEANS - FEBRUARY 16:  Members of the Mon...
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Free at last!  Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!

Our organizer, Audrey, is now moving onto our bedroom.  She has started attacking the closet.  Fortunately for me, the mess in the closet belongs to hubby.  I have been too tired today to contribute much more than kibbutzing and supervising so it suits me to sit on the sidelines.

My Closet
Image by kian esquire via Flickr
Good God, we can finally see the floor in the closet.  There are now tons of clothes to go off to the thrift shop.  My husband has lost lots of weight so all of his "Big" clothes are going to find a new home.  Someone is going to get some awfully nice Robert Graham shirts and Italian sweaters.  There is a high-end boutique near my house that has dramatic sales when they want to move merchandise so that's where I buy hubby's goodies.

Our dining room is now full of stuff to be taken to the thrift stores.  Sometimes, this organizing just makes one area clean at the expense of another part of the house.  But we get through it.

If we master our bedrooms and office that is most of the mess of the house.  Most of the rest of the house will need just a bit of tweaking with the exception of the pantry, linen closet and the ever popular offenders of the basement and garage.  But it is much easier to keep things clean when everything has a home for it.

Believe it or not, the exercises I have been doing with the "Captain's Log",  have a lot to do with categorizing which is at the heart of a lot of this organizing.  It makes it a lot easier to sort when many of the categories are defined for you.  Executive Function to the rescue.

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