Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The World is a different Place

Well, the world is certainly a different place.   I sure have missed an awful lot of what's going on.

Really, everything.  From what's around me in my own neighborhood, the everyday drives on the PA turnpike, my flower arrangements, and the expressions on people's faces.
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I am in the world and things in the world have relationships to each other.  Before my eyes changed, I saw only so much of my neighborhood.  But, with better depth perception, I can see that my neighbor's house abuts a playing field.  And that the historic house where the painter, Edward Hicks, lived is diagonal to my house.  And that the fence around the tennis court is like a box.  Everything used to be just fuzzed into the background.

As I have been roaring along the PA turnpike, I am truly on the open road.  I can see how Walt Whitman wrote such a poem.  Before, when I was driving, I had my eyes firmly fixed on the bumper of the car ahead and the stereo on.  Now, I still keep the stereo on because I want some stimulus on these long drives but I have some idea of what's around me as I am going past.  For example, I've never realized that there are  car dealerships near the turnpike.  I knew that there was a Jaguar dealership because there was a great big metallic Jaguar statue leaning out at me.  But I didn't know that the Jaguar had muscles.   Or that the Jaguar leaned forward.  Or, that there is an Audi dealership.

I get a much better sense of the open road.... like up hills and down valleys.  I look out towards the horizon.

I'm not too happy with my flower arrangements because I am noticing  a big hole in the middle of them.  I thought the flower arrangements were nice enough before and reasonably well balanced but apparently not.

The other thing I notice are people's eyes and facial expressions.  There's a lot more going on with people.  I noticed a very nice interchange between one of my therapists and the receptionist when they were trying to help me.  Their eyes looked at each other and looked at me and looked away when they were thinking.  It was really nice.

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