Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Day of Vision Therapy -- Jan 24

Don't know what's gotten into me, but I have been quite late again for Vision Therapy.  Fortunately, they are pretty nice about it.  It's not very nice to people, and, I am on an organization and time management kick, so I am trying to stick to schedules and so forth.

At any rate, we made sure the left eye was up and running.  Becky had me wear red and green glasses and walk to and from a light source.  She didn't want me to see either red or green; just a nice clear picture and my left eye obliged.

She put on roughly an equivalent amount of prism in some lenses and set a snake in front of me.  Not a real one, just a plastic twisty thing that I could play with.  Boy, did it look like a real sculpture!  It just popped out.  There was a chart with eccentric circles and different pictures and they just bugged right out at me!

I looked at a secretary's curly hair and it looked like a mane!  No. She doesn't have one of those beehive or bouffant hairstyles.  Her hair is tastefully done.  Just curly, that's all.

I had to wear another set of prisms and red/green lenses while I matched words to a grid.  That was hard.  I could barely see the words.

We worked with the apperture rule again.  I try and make two pictures become one by either converging or diverging my eyes.

Then went to pick up my husband in Trenton.  That was a long drive.  I was pooped.

I am having my accountant check to see if mileage to and from a doctor's office is tax deductible. According to Liberty Tax Service, it is.  My trip to Trenton isn't deductible but back and forth to my house is. 

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