Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kicking My Left Eye

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Went out to Long Island, New York City to get evaluated for a new vision program, Revital Vision aka Neurovision,  which is supposed to help a variety of vision problems including Amblyopia.  I don't have a diagnosis of Amblyopia, per se,  but I do have a lot of symptoms relating to the fact that my Left Eye just isn't feeding all the visual information in the world back to my brain.  My left eye suppresses.

I am not sure whether it is the chicken or the egg.  I have intermittent divergent strabismus.  Which means that my eyes don't converge on and off.  Whether my brain said the heck with this foolishness and I am just going to tilt my head and ignore the left eye so that I can have a coherent view of the world.  Many people with my problem might have diplopia -- seeing double vision.  But my brain said no.  Or maybe the other way around. Maybe the left eye just sat on its duff.

At any rate, it was an interesting ride out to Great Neck.  Went past the Chinatown of Flushing, New York and the marshlands of Little Neck and  then landed in Great Neck.  Very ritzy place.  Lots of Mercedes and Lexus.   The doctor's office on  Great Neck is right on Long Island Sound so it had a lovely view of the water and sailboats.

This doctor is a lot more high tech.  Used Optivision to take a picture of the eye and assess its general health and then another computerized program to assess ambylopia.  He didn't think that I had amblyopia either but that I had enough similar symptoms to warrant a trial of RevitalVision.  I had explained to him the symptoms that I had during Cellfield program that I wasn't seeing white on grey back ground or red on red background with my left eye.  I could see fine with my right eye.

Fortunately, RevitalVision is a home based program so I don't have to truck out to Long Island.  I will be doing RevitalVision 3x a week for 10 week and will start it after I get my prism lenses.   I am optimistic that this will help with my left eye.  If my brain isn't annoyed by my misaligned eyes and my left eye wakes up, I should be in good shape. Between doing vision therapy and this program, I feel good about not needing surgery.
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