Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lady Gaga Is Not Doing Vision Therapy

Out here in Lancaster County, there has been a bit of a todo as to whether Lady Gaga would move out this way.   I trek out to Leola in Lancaster County for vision therapy so I am hearing the scoop first hand from my locals 

She does have a boyfriend, Taylor Kinney (star of "Vampire Diaries -- not Vampire Dairies), who is from Lancaster. 

Gaga has been spotted at a Lancaster County Shooting Range and at Jack's Family Tavern in Millersville and Trio Restaurant off Marietta Avenue.  She also has been at the Lilith Giant. She has been pretty low-key, a no glitz, no 'look at me I'm important' kind of way. 

There was a rumor that she would be buying a mansion in a gated community, "Brent Creek" but that is not true.

It is also not true that vision therapists are going to adopt Lady Gaga glasses.

They are not trading in prism lenses, yoked or not, for this:


Occlusion or patching will not be done like this:

There are no paparazzi following vision therapists or their patients, so these glasses are unnecessary:

Vision therapists won't have their patients do Groffman diagrams in their lenses like this:

Vision Therapists won't have their patients wear this:

Lady Gaga will not be doing vision therapy.

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