Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tempurpedic Mattress and Sensory Integration

Some of us with Sensory Integration problems find that we like Deep Pressure.  Temple Gandin, in fact, likes deep pressure so much that she crawled into a cattle press and started giving herself a full body squeeze.  Did you ever think that a mattress could do something like this for you?

Recently, my husband and I had finally become so disgusted with our mattress that we decided to do something about it.  You know,  a lot of people just don't like going out and shopping for the mundane.  There's nothing that exciting about mattresses.  You don't go into work and brag about a mattress purchase the same way that you do about a hybrid car, a BMW, a great meal, the latest electronic gadget, a new dress or whatever.  No one wants to hear about it.

However, our old mattress was just hurting us.  Our backs, necks and legs were hurting.  Hubby would get out of bed all doubled over.  We had taken care of the mattress according to the manufacturer's instructions but after 5 years we had huge ditches in our mattress.  I tried complaining to the store and they would only replace the mattress if there was a 1 1/2" inch depression.  They sent a technician out and he measured the depth of the depression and found that it was only 1" and that we were stuck in the depression until it deepened to 1 1/2" regardless of our discomfort.  Well, so much for customer service and standing behind your product and the notion that "The Customer Is Always Right".   I mean that this mattress was touted for hand tied box springs and a 10-15 year guarantee.  We thought we bought had bought quality.

So hubby and I crawled in and out of our ditches and started to feel lousier and lousier.  Finally, I said this is it and we are buying a new mattress.

We got snookered into an end of year sale and tried a number of mattresses.  At first, we didn't like the memory molded mattress but as we journeyed through Mattress Land, we found we actually got used to  it.  Told the salesman about our woes with our current mattress.  I just said that it was promised to last for 10 years and by year 3 we were not comfortable.  Maybe the old store was right on a technicality in terms of replacing the mattress but we weren't happy customers.  So the salesman ruled out a bunch of mattresses right then and there.  So we tried the Tempurpedic and we liked it.  We also bought memory foam pillows.

Hubby has been very happy in the Tempurpedic and a lot of the aches and pains in his backs and legs that he had in the morning.  I find that the memory pillow really ends a lot of the neck ache that was associated with my osteoarthritis in the neck.

Most interestingly, I find that sleeping in memory foam mattress is actually calming and soothing.  The bed molds to me and I find that it is soothing.  I get a nice feeling of security.   It provides gentle pressure from below.  I get gentle, pressured sensation in my back, arms, neck, legs and head.  I am actually thinking about getting a weighted blanket for my top side.  If I have a weighted blanket and get a gentle smush from above and I have a mattress that gives me a bit of a smush from below,  I could be very comfortable.  I'd have a very gentle cattle press.

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