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Tinnitus: Cheap Substitute for Neuronomics?

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As my gentle readers know,  among my multiple maladies, I have tinnitus.  When I went looking for relief, the Neromonics was recommended to me by an eminent ENT who also suffers from tinnitus.  I dutifully went off to seek an audiologist for an assessment.  She also recommended Neuromonics.

Unfortunately, Neuromonics is quite expensive and is not covered by insurance.   Scientists have found the mechanism underlying tinnitus so there goes one objection by the insurance companies.  But they have their ways of slow walking treatment so I am not hopeful.

 Well, I guess we are all going to wait for a pill to be discovered and the insurance company will be paying lots of people well in excess of the $5000 cost of Neuromonics as the first pill will not be a generic.  I guess at that time, the insurance companies will not think that Neuromonics will be quite so experimental.

At any rate, what to do until then?

  • As I am getting a hearing aide anyway,  I could bite the bullet and just pay the $5000 for Neuromonics. 
  • I could get just the hearing aide I need for $2800 and continue working with my Sound Oasis and wait until a pharmaceutical solution arrives.  There are clinical trials in Europe.

By accident, I thought my Sound Oasis had died on me so I bought a new one.  I got a Sound Oasis 650 and the SC-300-02 Sound Oasis Ear Therapy Sound Card.   The Ear Therapy Sound Card has a series of selections of white noise or music with multiple high range frequencies to mask tinnitus.  My tinnitus frequency is at 5000 Hz and we shall see how well the sound card works.  Sound Oasis has a partnership going with the tinnitus Practitioners Association so there may be more justification for using this device.  Although I do note that the testimonial on the website states that the person is  encouraged  to do Tinnitus Retraining Therapy so I think the website is hedging their bets and not stating that they have a cure.

 My tinnitus flares up right after a very strenuous session in therapy or when I am tired.  I am going to try this for a while and see if it will work to diminish tinnitus as well as mask the tinnitus flareup.

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