Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vision Checkup 1/12/11

Had a vision checkup yesterday and have documented a big jump in vision.

Did the Worth 4 Dot test.  Got the 30% dots nicely converged without effort.   Couldn't get the other dots so nicely lined up.  They all lined up nicely in the middle of the screen but they couldn't get the two white dots to line up properly.

Did the stereogram with the clown and that went nicely.  Stereogram with clown up to the letter H and all the way on the other side.

Did a computerized test of Base In and Out and two other measures. Did a computerized stereogram test. Passed everything except Base Out.

Saw the Doctor and he checked my vision and had me look at a chart with letters  lined up and asked me when they doubled.  He moved the letters around both horizontally and vertically.

At the end of the exam, he said that he thinks I might need vertical prisms of about 10 diopters.

After the exam, I had a short vision therapy session.  I am wearing prisms in my glasses and playing games lining up words that I see on the screen.  Also, we started working both the accommodative and ciliary muscles with different lenses.  I looked at a ball and arranged my lenses in the order that made the ball seem smaller to seeming larger.

Then I drove to Philadelphia and went to my collage class at the Fleischer.  As if I didn't have enough to do with exercising my visual system.  Today we made patterns to use during our collages.
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