Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hubby Goes to Therapy

Hubby had the day off and decided to go to  therapy with me.  Hubby is just a child at heart so he loves to relive his youth.  So off we go over hill and dale to Amish country for our first appointment in vision therapy.
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We drove out and had a nice simple lunch at Achenbachs.  Managed not to get into the delicious donuts and pastries.  Then went off to therapy.  Hubby wasn't sure about some of his vision so one of the therapist decided to give him a quick check.

While he was getting his eye exam, I put on prism lenses and worked with shapes and tried to match them to designs.  I am pretty good at that.  There were only two where I needed to line them up on the paper; but otherwise, I got all of them.

Then, I did a visual reasoning exercise where I matched up shapes.  Did real well on that one and only missed two.

Worked with flippers a bit.

Also I did the HTS program on the computer and worked with "pursuits" on  the spinning and bouncing ball exercises.  You chase the spinning/bouncing ball with a box.  I improved a lot over November and got 99% correct.  I also worked with the frog and did my base in/ base out exercises.  Not so much improvement there.   Actually, I had regressed a little.  Oh well.

Then I played a game with hubby.  We played a cross between chinese checkers and battleship.  I was mean and was beating hubby.  But hubby got on his feet quickly.   We were quite competitive.  I felt good about beating my husband as he is quite good visually spatially.

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